Avionics Compliance Services Consultancy

If you're interested in implementing new technologies into your aviation business, you should consider collaborating with an avionics compliance services consultancy. These companies provide services ranging from conducting aircraft inspections to developing specific systems and products. Their expertise includes developing avionics systems for any aircraft type, as well as identifying the proper digital technologies and systems for the specific configuration of your aircraft.

 They can also help you navigate the airworthiness release process.The best avionics compliance services consultancy will leverage the experience of its clients and their employees in order to help them develop and implement a process that will ensure that their aviation systems meet stringent requirements. These professionals can also help ensure the safety and reliability of avionics systems. Using RTCA  do-254 standards helps companies meet regulatory requirements. They can also leverage other tools, such as software, to help create and manage their systems' compliance.

A recent case involved Panasonic Avionics. In the case of Panasonic, employees had falsified Panasonic Avionics financial records and misclassified payments to sub-agents and sales agents. They also mischaracterized Panasonic's financials and internal controls, resulting in the falsification of its books and accounting records. Further, employees of Panasonic Avionics had complete control over the company's budget and were not accountable to management.Panasonic Avionics has admitted that they hired an avionics compliance services consultancy without following proper procedures. These consultants were paid $900K from Panasonic Avionics' Office of President funds.This is a great post to read on this topic.

Panasonic Avionics' standard procedures required that they perform an internal audit before accepting any payments. In addition to Panasonic Avionics, they hired the consultancy via a third party. The third party paid for the consultant's work was a former Panasonic Avionics executive.HDL Design House and AFuzion are experts in the verification process. In order to provide guidance and expertise as you implement new technologies into your aviation business. The collaboration will allow you to benefit from a combination of their expertise in design, verification, and certification. A free technical whitepaper will be provided to all webinar attendees. This whitepaper will not be released to the public until 2018.

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